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At the end of August 2001 a new member of the family appeared in our house. This time it was not a Rhodesian Ridgeback but a female Great Swiss Mountain Dog. We call her Rumba but, as a matter of fact, her real pedigree name is Malwa Refugium. We brought her from Warsaw, from Ms Barbara Wierzbicka kennel.

Rumba, despite her young age, already has many achievements and show titles. According to the judges she is a very beutiful representative of her breed. She is very well built, has a strong skeleton, and a head that is very tipical for this breed as well as exceptionally beautiful. She has correct back and bottom body lines and good limb angles. Moreover, her movement is also characteristic for this breed.

Most importantly, I would like to underline that Rumba has a great psyche, which is often noticed by many people who see her during shows, and even by the judges themselves who noted it in the show qualification documentation. She is a very nice and joyful creature and resembles nature typical for the swissy breed. On the page  about the breed you may get more information on this subject.
Rumba, as our other dogs and cats, is a member of our familly, and lives with us under the same roof on the same rights.

I would like to give my thanks to the breeder ­ Ms Barbara Wierzbicka for her trust and that she did not hesitate to give us her puppy that was ment to remain in her kennel.