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                ... once again our family grew bigger, this time by one member, more precisely a girl! This time with our own nickname. Rewia (450g) was born on 10th of March 2004 in our house together with 3 sisters and 5 brothers from of the same litter as 7th puppy. She was the smallest puppy of the litter. This is a memorable date for us as Rewia was born here and then she stayed with us. That was my intention from the very beginning especially because it was Passia´s last litter and it is very important for me that a part of her remains in the kennel for the next generations. It is well seen from Rewia´s behaviour and looks that this is a significant part. However the dad´s contribution is also well visible especially in the look in her eyes and her face.Rewia - her pedigree name is DANCING REVUE - is a delightful little creature, incredibly intelligent, very stubborn and very self-confident.. That´s what happens if you constantly have around big and brave mummy Passia and even bigger and louder auntie Rumba ?. Rewia´s being amazingly curious about the world around together with her hot temper and lots of inventive ideas makes a deadly combination that we often experience, but her sweet and innocent face can always release all tensions in the family and her great necessity for cuddling, slightly cools down this erupting volcano of energy.We hope that our little Rewia (that we also call Rewiolek or Rewiolin ;-) ) will grow up to be as beautiful, clever and healthy girl as - a continuator of the breed of the most loving creature on the Earth - her mom Passia.You are welcome to visit the gallery of this Little Devil and Sweet Angel at the same time!!