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On June 29, 2010, our beloved and bred by me Rewia (Dancing Revue z Werwą) gave birth. The father of the litter was Poker (Mkai Leoridge), our main stud brought from Italy. It is that litter that Luksus comes from. Luksus has inherited the best qualities of his parents, both mental and physical, which makes him the crowning Ridgeback of my breeding work of many years. My intuition as a breeder has served me well and Luksus is the right example; he has grown to be an elegant, well-built and well-balanced dog with a beautiful gait (as described by many international judges), he represents the breed well.The fact that Luksus is an exceptionally nice, even-tempered, calm, caouragous, confident, incredibly agile and intelligrnt dog, with almost human-like behavior makes me even prouder. It is a pleasure to be around a dog like Luksus.The fact that I have bred a fantastic dog, an offspring of two fantastic dogs of mine, of an imported father and my own kennel born Rewia, daughter of the incredible Pasja who was brought from France, is a dream come true.I fell in love with Luksus from the time of his first breath, as soon as he was taken out of the fetal bag… and so it remained untill today.Luksus was to stay at our home for good, those were my plans, however after a sudden and unexpected death of Poker, who had lived at my friends’ home, I decided to pass a then 5-month-old Luksus on to live at their home. This was the only way for them to have a descendant of their beloved previous dog, who left them so suddenly and left their home filled with sadness. From that time Luksio lives with Andrzej and his family, but he is also still my dog. He loves us all, we visit each other often and go to dog shows together.Find more information and photos of Luksus in the following tabs. Enjoy! :)