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On June 25, 2011, Rewia had her last litter. The litter is a result of both planned breeding, and an emotional mating; emotional because I chose Apacz to be the father. Apacz belongs to a dear friend of mine, who was also the owner of the fantastic Dakar, Rewia’s brother. I also felt emotional about the mating because Apacz comes from the Caprivi kennel. I have been a fan of Caprivi for many years, but I never had a dog from that kennel. It was a pleasure to render my advice to Ewa, who chose Apacz to be her dog, not to mention Apacz is a descendant of my favorite- the Batman. Back to the subject- Laila. She comes from this „emotional” litter and I can say she has been the apple of my eye even before she was born She holds the title until today with great ease. She is very likeable, social, obedient and trouble-free. As a company dog she excells in any situation. Charming, graceful, happy, confident and very cuddly are all words that decribe Laila. Find more information and photos of Laila under the Menu tab. Enjoy!