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Pasja passed away after 13 years and 8 months of her long and happy life….She was a special dog…. I can say that after having many dogs in my life of which 5 have already passed on….

It isn’t only a matter of my own opinion that Pasja was a special dog, most of my friends thought the same. Pasja opened the doors to many friendships…new generations of our “carrot tops”. Pasja gave birth to many fantastic dogs that went to live with their new families, with great people. Pasja gave me friends, she taught me many important things, and she raised the other dogs in my home… she was in charge while I wasn’t around. Pasja was an athlete, a „tough-guy”, a figter, she never complained. She was always content, self-confident, stubborn, courageous, very energetic, happy, a dominating force, and lively till the end. Pasja knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. She was my shadow, always near me, as loyal as they come, looking up to me, never left me alone. She posessed human-like intelligence, flair and alwyas able to find an angle or easy way out. She kept me company in every situation, and proved herself in all conditions…

My lovely Pasja….now in dog heaven……I mourn her, so do many people and all mdogs….